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Default Indoor Barbecued Pork

On Sat, 26 Sep 2009 19:13:58 GMT, notbob wrote:

On 2009-09-26, l, not -l wrote:

On 26-Sep-2009, "Theron" wrote:

America's test kitchen has on a very good looking, and hopefully tasting
stovetop "barbecued pork" dish. Check out:


Either the link is in error or we have vastly different ideas of what
constitutes barbecue. The link is to a recipe for "shake and bake" pork
chops. Even allowing for the wide misuse of the term barbecue, a baked, or
even pan fried, pork chop isn't barbecue. Please provide an updated link.

Theron mis-quoted the link. It was for "crunchy pork chops" not bbq.
Besides, ATK is so far away from anything resembling good cooking,
it's no surprise they would try and improve upon shake n bake.


meh. i'm not a shake 'n' baker, but telling people how they can make their
own, possibly better, mix seems to me to be a service.

your pal,