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Default tonight's grilling menu

I figure it's MY turn to make hungry folks suffer.

Tonight was my 2nd Beer Can Chicken effort. I used the recipe from
Weber's Big Book of Grilling. But I didn't want to grab just one can
of beer at the store (they only had 6-packs at the 16 oz size I
needed), and didn't want to drink ANY of the beer if I could avoid

So I used an empty Diet Pepsi can from Denny, poured it half full of
Black Butte Porter, put on the rub, etc. and just took it off about 15
minutes ago.

Eating it with brown rice from my rice cooker, and some Italian green
beans I scored from the local farmers' market, topped with a little
homemade marinara from tomatoes and basil I got there too.

The skin on the chicken could be a bit crisper, but I don't eat the
skin anyway. Otherwise, all the flavors are excellent,

I'll use a different starch in the future, though. The brown rice is a
bit too plain for this--maybe grilled potatoes.

Tomorrow night is burgers and brats on the Lodge grill, after I simmer
the brats in the rest of that beer.