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Default TN: SOBER @ Dan's, with Bdx, Burg, Loire, Nahe, Rhone, Champagne,Brunello

DaleW wrote:
On Sep 3, 2:46 pm, Emery Davis wrote:
DaleW wrote:

Thanks for the notes. These are fabulously complex wines, the sec and
the demi-sec. But "cheesy?" Do you mean "tastes like cheese (which
one?) or "rather obvious and lacking in subtlety?"

The former, a light lactic note that didn't bother me - think Tomme de
Savoie-ish, nothing really ripe.
At least one other person found it unpleasant

Interesting, I guess I'd consider that a fault also.

[] A great night, where the fact I was driving was the only downnote!

What's the strategy in that case, do you spit?


Yes, took small pours to reduce temptation, and spit. Four hour
dinner, I'd guess I still drank equivalent of 4-5 glasses,but over
that period (I'm about 225 lb) I should be well under limit. 14 wines
at lunch today, but I'm guessing I swallowed less than a glass (not
hard, notes to follow)

See what you mean about the lunch tasting, no problems there!

Personally I have no problem spitting with a straight tasting, but
when you combine tasting and dinner, well, I get thirsty! I'm
about your size but more nervous than most about getting in the
car with even a tiny impairment, so my "limit" tends to be way
under the legal one. (Not implying any criticism, I think the
legal limit is a pretty good gauge of when it's safe actually).

Four hour dinners help of course!