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Default Grapefruit. 8

The crop of pink, red and white grapefruit is bountiful, and the
fruit is sweet
and luscious. Color is not an indicator of sweetness, and white
grapefruit are no sweeter
or more sour than pink or red varieties. Most types can be used
interchangeably for
juicing, or to cut in half and eat for snacks with a grapefruit spoon.
(Star ruby grapefruit,
a type of dark, red-fleshed fruit, is too crunchy to eat easily with a
grapefruit spoon.)
Florida grapefruit are easy to peel and excellent for sectioning. Use
three colors of
grapefruit to make a rainbow fruit salad, or add to ambrosia or
spinach, avocado and red
onion salad.