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Default Gelatin sheet vs. gelatin envelope

After a couple of dead-ends, found this in a cooking Q&A:

"As a rule, four sheets of leaf gelatin are equal to one 1/4-ounce
envelope or 1 tablespoon of granulated gelatin. This is enough to gel
2 cups of liquid"

DigitalVinyl wrote:

I found a recipe that includes a white chocolate mousse. However the
recipe calls for two "gelatin sheets". All I could find were envelopes
(4 envelopes = 1 oz). Anyone know what the translation is between
sheets and the Knox gelatin envelopes? 1 for 1?

the white mousse ingredients are as follows:

6 oz. white chocolate
2 oz. butter
1 oz. water
2 gelatin sheets
3 eggs separated
4 oz. cream
3 oz. sugar


DiGiTAL_ViNYL (no email)

DiGiTAL_ViNYL (no email)