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Default Char Broil Silver Smoker 492 or 738 sq inches?

On 4-Jul-2004, Dana Myers > wrote:

> Jesse Skeens wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I just got a new Char Broil Silver Smoker from HD. According to the
> > NB site the Silver should have 492sq inch cooking area. Yet the
> > sticker (from Char Broil) attached to my unit says it's 738 (like the
> > BD). The sticker does mark it as a Silver Smoker.

> I'm pretty sure the 492 sq in of cooking space is
> what you get with two grills in the main cooking chamber.
> If you install a third grill in the firebox, you get
> 738 sq in. Each grill apparently has 246 sq in of cooking
> area; I suppose I could measure a grill and confirm this.
> The 738 sq in figure is accurate if you're
> grilling (not barbecuing) in both the firebox and
> the cooking chamber.
> Enjoy!
> Dana

Damn Dana, It's 2:30AM and I just got all nasty from measuring
the bottom grates in my NBS. They're 10.5" X 13.5" X 2 = 283.5".
With the 492 Sq In on top that gives you 775.5 Sq In of cooking
area in the smoking chamber. (You have to order more grates if
you want to fill it up) I have one extra cooking grate and one extra
fire grate, but that's it. I don't expect to buy any more. I expected
to grill in the cooking chamber now and then which I do, but it's
so hard to manipulate the cooking grate in and out of the firebox
that I never do that anymore. I don't tend fuel through the fire
door. I have a space conflict on that end.

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