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Dana Myers
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Default Char Broil Silver Smoker 492 or 738 sq inches?

Jesse Skeens wrote:
> Hi,
> I just got a new Char Broil Silver Smoker from HD. According to the
> NB site the Silver should have 492sq inch cooking area. Yet the
> sticker (from Char Broil) attached to my unit says it's 738 (like the
> BD). The sticker does mark it as a Silver Smoker.

I'm pretty sure the 492 sq in of cooking space is
what you get with two grills in the main cooking chamber.
If you install a third grill in the firebox, you get
738 sq in. Each grill apparently has 246 sq in of cooking
area; I suppose I could measure a grill and confirm this.

The 738 sq in figure is accurate if you're
grilling (not barbecuing) in both the firebox and
the cooking chamber.