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Default Balance Out Time

hutchndi wrote:

"Hans Fugal" wrote in message

Why not keep it in the fridge and do a room-temp cycle once or twice a
month? Take it out one day before bed, feed it, then feed it in the
morning and back in the fridge. Seems like less hassle than freezing and
reconstituting and should be healthier for the start.

Hans, this is why I asked my original question in the thread, I was
wondering what is a good balance out time, or how many refreshments
might be needed, to get the culture in good health before freeze drying
again. There are some older threads concerning acetone smell turning up
in cultures kept in the fridge as you suggest. That is how I used to
keep my starter going, and I always got that smell after awhile, and a
few posters here have stated it is unavoidable, as the culture changes
after a time when subjected to forced acclimation to cold temperatures.
So far I have not found this happen with this method, and I don't find
it to be a hassle.


I have until recently mostly kept my start in the fridge and sometimes
used it frequently and other times used it once every month or two. I
didn't feed it a cycle between fridge uses - I just fed it and stuck it
back in the fridge. Lately I was reading things that indicated this
would favor the yeast and reduce the overall sour. So I fed it on the
counter for a couple of weeks and then began this method (fridge with
counter feedings between). I don't pay enough attention to it to come to
any conclusion - as long as it rises and tastes better than yeast I'm happy.

But if "ideal" is continuous countertop, then the countertop between
fridge method seems like the best compromise to me. If you find evidence
in favor or against either method due to meticulous notekeeping, I'd
enjoy hearing it.