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Default Balance Out Time

hutchndi wrote:
Hello everybody. I was wondering if anybody might have an idea of how
many refreshments might be best to get a good balance of yeasts to
lactobacilli, after reconstituting dried and frozen starter flakes.
I ask because I am not presently in the habit of keeping an ongoing
(active) culture, because of my wife's gluten restrictions I make bread
much less frequently than I used to. I have been reduced to baking my
bread in spurts every couple months, and so I get a batch going as
needed. Afterwards, I spread some starter out and let dry on wax paper,
break it up and freeze it until next time. I might only bake bread once
or twice before "freeze drying" my culture. It gets good and bubbly
active after only one refreshment, but I doubt if the balance is optimum.


Why not keep it in the fridge and do a room-temp cycle once or twice a
month? Take it out one day before bed, feed it, then feed it in the
morning and back in the fridge. Seems like less hassle than freezing and
reconstituting and should be healthier for the start.