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Default How to satisfy my particular chocolate fetish.....

Victor Martinez wrote:
Donald Lewis wrote:
85% is OK but I would prefer 90% or 95% if such existed. Apart from
pure cooking chocolate, the strongest, most bitter I have been able to
find is 86%. Any suggestions?

I just came back from Toronto, where I discovered a little boutique
chocolatier that has some amazing products. Among the bars I brought
back is a 100% pure one called Arcana:
Made with 3 types of flavour grade cacao beans. The cocoa is roasted,
refined, and conched without the addition of sugar emulsifiers or
flavourings. The wild raw taste of this 100% chocolate may bring about
an unexpected change of conciousness.

Sounds good, Victor. They can't ship to the USA, so I'll have to get a
friend in Canada (Kate?) to order some and ship it to me. Thanks.

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