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Default Botswana Bush tea

On Apr 29, 12:01*pm, Natarajan Krishnaswami
On 2009-04-28, Dominic T. wrote:

The flavor is interesting, you have to not think of it as "tea" proper
and just drink it for what it is. There is no nuance or depth to speak
of. I have some really good green Yerba Mate that is lemony and woody
and I find more interesting than Rooibos.

I find the liquor straightforward and pleasant, a little sweet; but
the aroma is incredible: tobacco, vanilla, sweet wood. *If you haven't
found that in your cup, perhaps the teabags are stale, rather than
rooibos just not being to your taste (not that there's anything wrong
with that *grin*)

It tastes more like tea if you add a splash of milk. *E.g., I think it
works quite well in a caffeine free facsimile of masala chai.


No, I'm in agreement with you I get those notes and maybe even a hint
of citrus/acid as well, I just think - as you said better - it is just
"straightforward." Different brewing technique, different vessel, etc.
doesn't really change much if anything. It is what it is, and that's
not a bad thing necessarily just that it isn't heavily nuanced. I
never thought of it in terms of a chai, that actually sounds very
good... I'll try that. I'd bet just rooibos, sugar, and milk would be
good as well as adding some actual chai spices and the sugar/milk.

I didn't mean to sound so dismissive of it, it just isn't all that
interesting to me. If I had to restrict my caffeine for some reason it
would be near the top of my list as an alternative, I was including it
with actual tea when I said it lacked nuance and depth. Compared to
many great teas it is low on my list, as a tisane/tea alternative it
sure beats some acrid/sour hibiscus blends.

- Dominic