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Default Susan - on carba nada

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"Barbara H" wrote:

Susan, When I first heard you talk about CarbaNada I ordered some from
Netrition. I've also missed the Nutrition Kitchen soy pasta. The new stuff
has been sitting on the counter for a week now and I finally had time to
make myself a meal last night. You're right, the taste is fantastic and I
tested up to 4 hours then had to crash and go to bed.

My meal consisted of a grilled chicken breast, green and red leaf lettuce
w/strawberries and walnuts and Ken's light raspberry walnut vinaigrette and
1 serving of basil carba nada to which I added some butter and garlic.
(drank water)

Pre meal bg = 117 ( I know, not good - I'll explain later)
45 mins. = 92 (I am on byetta)
1.5 hours = 100
2 hours = 109
3 hours = 107
4 hours = 109

OK, that's it. I'm buying some. I cannot eat Dreamfields because it
gives me diarrhea the next day (as does Carbalose as well -- waaahhh!),
and I really miss having just a few threads of pasta with my fabulous
buffalo bolognaise.

I'm not unhappy at all. This is actually the best my bg has been in several
days. Stress has pushed me over the line I'm afraid. I'm generally in good
control but I have had a terrible week (actually year) with my bg. We've
had to stay with my father around the clock in shifts and being the only
daughter I'm doing nights and two short shifts during the day. It's been
very hard to eat right. I'm actually having trouble eating often enough
more than not eating the right things. He has alzheimers and has had a
rapid decline. We are working toward placing him in memory care and it's
the pits for me. I knew this day would come but it's really hard to accept
that he no longer even knows who I am. Anyway, I just wanted to chime in on
the new pasta. You're the one who steered me toward the soy pasta so thank
you again for discovering this new version. I think I'll try it again as
soon as I find time to cook another meal for myself. :-)

Barbara H
T2 Dx 7/06 Byetta 10x2, Metrormin 1500 A1c 6.3

I'm sending you good thoughts. We're having issues with my 85 year-old
mother. Not Alzheimers, but *she* is helping care for her gentleman
friend who does have Alzheimers. He's in the Alzheimers wing of their
top notch retirement community (Kendal), so she doesn't have to do basic
care, but still it's wearing.

Priscilla, T2