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Default Easter cometh (natural Easter egg dying)

Omelet wrote:
> I've not made onion skin eggs since mom passed away. She's the one that
> taught me that trick. :-) I'm currently saving the "paper" onion skins
> that it takes to do it as I want to teach the method to my nephews.
> I'll be sure to take pics this year.
> Wrap raw eggs in dry onion skins, bind with cheese cloth and cotton
> string.
> Hard boil.
> Unwrap, let cool and coat lightly with some cooking oil.
> They really are quite lovely.
> I'll try to take pics this year if I actually do it. It'll depend on the
> babysitting schedule...
> Anyone else use "natural" dyes for doing Easter Eggs?
> --

Does making 'tea eggs' count? The shells need to be cracked before
simmering in the tea/soy sauce/spices mix. The eggs come out marbled,
rather than the shells.

Ever try your method with red onion skins? Just curious.

The colours of eggs dyed with red cabbage can be manipulated to some
extent. Vinegar (acid) will keep it redder, more neutral solutions keeps
it purple, baking soda (alkaline) will turn it greener. No idea what an
egg steeped in baking soda would taste like, however LOL.