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Default finally convinced my hubby

I finally convinced my husband that we both need to eat a little lower carb.

This guy is a carb hound who absolutely must have his sweets and heavily
carb-laden foods. It will be a good thing for both of us. He is also now
a diabetic, but for some reason he was of the mind that you aren't being
"naughty" until your A1C goes over 7!!!!! Every time I told him that was
wrong, he denied that it was so.

He always has a stash of candy around, and he doesn't test often at all.
He takes his januvamet and thinks that is all he needs to do besides go for
a blood test a few times a year.

Fortunately neither one of us is in bad shape, but I have definitely had
some issues. Only when he heard from another diabetic on Sunday that under
6 is what is to be aimed for, did he realize that I was right. As for
testing after meals and seeing what various foods do to his BG's that will
have to be another battle.

So every day I am trying to make just meat and vegetables and salad, with
perhaps a piece of fruit later on.

This is a guy who has always been extremely healthy, active, and any sort of
illness or weakness is not included in his definition of himself. I am
doing my best to convince him to go for tests when the doc orders and he
just procrastinates about it and somehow he just doesn't go. Nagging makes
it worse.

But eating just meat and veggies and salad for dinner seems to satisfy him
and wasted no time in pointing out to him that he isn't into the chips and
cookies and who knows what all else after dinner when he keeps his carb
intake down.

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