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John O
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Default Brinkmann Gourmet Charcoal Smoker & Grill - Viable Grilling & Smoking Solution?

I've spent
some time researching the Brinkmann Gourmet unit this afternoon and it

to be regarded as a decent entry level smoker once some modifications are

A little more airflow has helped my cooks a LOT. All I did was drill a few
extra holes.

While I'd love to begin experimenting with smokers I'd like to be
certain that the Brinkmann Gourmet can also be utilized as a grill.

I've never used mine as a grill, and don't plan to. It might work OK, but I
haven't added adjustable vents, and it doesn't have handles so you can move
it, and the cooking grate is going to be tough to move if you have to fiddle
with the fire. I'd say it's grilling capabilities are in the "works if you
have to" class.

Also, I've read some concerns regarding
using the unit on a wooden deck. Does this only apply when using it's
smoking capabilities?

Fire pan works the same either way. I wouldn't use it on a wooden deck
unless you have some sort of base or fireproof mat underneath.

Get the smoker, see the FAQ, cook some food. Get a replacement grill later.

-John O