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Default Save your money or test with paper and foil baking cups

I split a batch of blueberry ** muffins in two. Six with those paper
and foil baking cups ( I got 'em really cheap on a closeout bec. of
some holiday decor). I put batter in some plain paper cups and some
batter in just a foil cup. Then I plopped all samplings into a plain
old MIrro muffin pan.

Result: you lose a lot of the food when you peel off the cups, be it
foil or paper. The muffins from the plain pan had a nice outer
'crust' and hardly anything stuck to the pan. ( I gave that half of
the pan a quick shot of cooking spray.)

One more frugality in the kitchen. Oh, sure, it took a little soaking
and scrubbing of the muffin pan but I didn't mind. I won't ever buy
those baking cups again.

** By the way, frozen blueberries are 4.69 in my market. Still beats
paying 3.69 for 4 bakery made muffins which are really like CAKE. I
prob. can get 4 dozen muffins tho out of that 4.69 bag.