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Walt Lewis
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Default Hog Roaster Motor?

I've hear that a motor from a grocery store check out conveyer is
PERFECT. Strong, small and geared well.


On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 20:42:20 -0500, "D" [email protected] wrote:

Well if your gonna do an entire hog then you will need something
a little more powerful than the average grill rotisserie motor that
you buy at the outlet house. Trouble is it's gonna be a little hard
to find anything in between for sale that's strong enough and yet
not overkill on power and price. Try calling some electric motor
shops local and ask if they have anything that will run at low rpm
for very long without overheating. Tell them exactly what you have
in mind. Actually any used washer or dryer motor would do it but
you'd have to use a "huge" pulley to gear it down enough to turn
slow. A friend of mine once ran a sugar cane mill with one of these
by running it thru a series of pulley step downs. Good luck with it.

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