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Default Some new foodie finds

We were in Lake Havasu visiting daughter Erika and family over the
Christmas holiday. Dang I love my grandsons, they are so much fun.
Sorry, I digress.
Here are a few foodie things I found while we were shopping in
Bullhead City.

A nice little Le Creuset 7"rectangular stoneware baking dish. Some Sri
Lankan curry and some Spanish hot smoked paprika. Two grinding mills,
one filled with a Thai blend and one with a Key West blend. Can't wait
to try these.

Now for my funky find. I love coming across these weird little

How did I ever get along without a Zen Cube.

Packaging propagan..ahem..information.

It comes with it's own handy dandy little grater. The cube is roughly
2" square.

This stuff is good.

It will be so easy to just grate a little over the food right before
This should last me a good long time.

There is no love more sincere than the love of food
George Bernard Shaw
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