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Default Grocery stores

Reading through this thread - I believe I am so lucky to live in a small
town. there is one larger grocery store (Big M chain), a few small
convenience stores and a few take out fast food places. The people at the
grocery call me by name, help me with reaching things (I have to use an
electric scooter cart) will take my purchases out to my car if asked, no
self checkout.

There are larger stores 15 miles away - a stretch physically for me to drive
that distance and shop (I am disabled). the prices locally might be higher
but since I watch for sales and use coupons, the extra expense of traveling
to the 'city' is not cost effective. The produce is fresh and a rather good
selection - store makes it a policy to frequently deal with local growers in
season. And there are a number of roadside small stands within a reasonable
distance during growing season.

The fast food places - again I deal with the small locally owned and/or
managed places - when I deal with them at all.

Sometimes living in a small rural area can have its benefits - even if the
choice of specialty food items is not available.

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