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> Omelet wrote on Thu, 13 Nov 2008 12:47:17 -0600:
> >> T wrote:
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> > >> Self checkouts, there's my hot button issue. If you don't
> > >> know how to use it either ask for help or move to a line
> > >> with a cashier. It's not rocket science.
> >>
> >> It's my button issue too, but apparently in a different way.
> >> I refuse to use them. I still like to deal with humans.

> > Ditto. I detest self-checkout lines.

> > I don't trust them with my debit card. Heard/read too many
> > stories of double charges.

> I tend to agree about disliking self-checkout especially for produce
> items without bar codes that have to be found on a monitor tho' there is
> a trend to having coding machines in the produce section. I don't have a
> debit card by choice.

I've been using the bar code sticker maker scales in the produce section
a LOT lately. Speeds things up at the checkouts, especially if the
clerks don't know their veggies.

I'm a recent convert to debit cards. Saves a lot of time at the register
and I keep the receipt with the card to enter soonest in the check
ledger. I did run out of room in the check ledger tho' and have
switched to a small spiral notebook to keep track.

I still log all debits just like checks. To not do so is pure idiocy.

It does slightly complicate monthly accounting when comparing the ledger
to the bank statement, but it's do-able. Just takes a bit more time to
match everything.
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