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Default Grocery stores

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 16:31:03 +0100, Giusi wrote:

> "Saerah Gray"
>> I used to work at a Whole Foods, and there are a lot of great products
>> there- but few that are not available for comparable prices at any >
>> number of local stores. Seeing how much people would spend there, it >
>> used to upset me a little that they seemed to be shopping there for the >
>> cachet, when their expenditures could be better serving their >
>> commnunity.
>> Saerah

> I didn't find it so in Bethesda. I shopped there because they had things I
> couldn't find elsewhere or perhaps I would have had to crisscross Washington
> to get them.
> They sold a wide variety of cheeses, tiny vegetables, organic chicken back
> when no other supermarket sold them. I reckoned they got their cachet from
> my shopping htere.

they still talk about you in bethesda, honey.

your pal,