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Default Grocery stores

"Giusi" > wrote in message

> "George"
>> I guess I don't get it either. There is a little deli in my town that
>> makes great fresh subs using buns from the Italian bakery that is
>> one town over. They use quality meats and the price is probably 25%
>> less than the big box chains like subway. I mention the place
>> whenever I get a chance and I get reactions such as "the bun was
>> crispy so it must have been old" or even more important when food
>> quality is concerned "they don't have a touch screen display where I
>> can place my order"

> People who don't know food and when presented with it think it is too
> strong tasting. While there ae people working in those factories, I
> am hping as things get tight more and more will be forced to seek out
> the small spot with the real food. I think 2-3 people in millions of
> places beats a few hundred each in 25 places. I hope.

To me, "mild" is a synonym for "tasteless" but a number of people seem
to disagree :-)

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