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Default Grocery stores

"Ed Pawlowski" > fnord

> "Lou Decruss" > wrote in message
>> Unfortunately that's a benchmark set by macdonalds and other low end
>> food choices. When people taste better food they don't like it. I
>> know someone who takes his family to macdonalds twice a week. I
>> asked why he didn't go to a real restaurant for a good burger and he
>> said nothing else tasted as good. Uggg.

> Fortunately there are still a few good specialty stores, ethnic stores
> and even Whole Foods that carry some decent items. We've become a
> Wonder Bread society and think that is top of the line. I have to
> drive 30 mile one way to get decent rye bread. While in the
> neighborhood, I'll get some good meats at another store that still
> makes their own kielbasa and smoked meats.
> When I lived in Philly, we had three good Italian bakeries in a short
> distance for bread and rolls. I miss that sort of thing. Even if I
> didn't move away I'd be out of luck as they've all since closed.

When I have a small grocery list, I try and shop at the locally owned
stores. I can't afford to do all my shopping at one store, though. My ex
SIL does most of her shopping at a Kroger, and doesn't check prices or
pay attention to sales. If I were in the position to not have to watch
sales, I sure as hell wouldn't shop at a Kroger. I won't shop at Kroger
*now* because the regular prices are just as high as the small, locally
owned places, and the quality is much, much lower for produce and meats.
They also have those loyalty cards, which I find creepy.

I used to work at a Whole Foods, and there are a lot of great products
there- but few that are not available for comparable prices at any
number of local stores. Seeing how much people would spend there, it
used to upset me a little that they seemed to be shopping there for the
cachet, when their expenditures could be better serving their


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