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Wayne Boatwright > fnord

> On Wed 12 Nov 2008 08:59:45p, Ed Pawlowski told us...
>> "Dave Smith" > wrote in message
>> ...
>>>T wrote:
>>>> Self checkouts, there's my hot button issue. If you don't know how
>>>> to use it either ask for help or move to a line with a cashier.
>>>> It's not rocket science.
>>> It's my button issue too, but apparently in a different way. I
>>> refuse to use them. I still like to deal with humans.

>> Same here. If they give me a 10% discount for doing the labor, I may
>> change my mind. What gets me is that they have an attendant for the
>> four or six lanes and he stands around as there is no one using them.
>> Meantime, the real cashiers are getting backed up with no express
>> open.

> I have a lot of button issues, not the least of which is anyone,
> either in a self-check line or a regular checkout line, that doesn't
> know how to use the damned card reader for their debit/credit cards,
> much less knowing where to insert the cash if that's what they're
> using. Worse yet, in a way, are the damned idiots that are writing a
> check or paying cash at a regular checkout, but don't bother to even
> look for either until the clerk tells them the total. Do they think
> it's going to be free? I don't write checks anymore, but when I did I
> always had it filled out in advance except for the total amount.
> If I have 2-3 bags worth of items, I'd much prefer using the
> self-check line because I can scan it, bag it the way I want it, and
> pay for it more quickly and I don't have to engage in small talk in
> the regular checkout. If I have a heaping cart full, I'll use the
> regular checkout, but I make every effort to organize the productson
> the conveyer and to keep conversation to a minimum. To do otherwise
> just slows down the process.
> Ideally, I prefer having the least possible interaction with staff in
> most places like supermarkets, banks, etc. It's a waste of time,
> unless I actually need to get information from them.

I prefer going to a regular checkout lane unless I only have a few
things. One of my local supermarkets recently opened "no limit" self-
checkout lanes... more hassle than it is worth. Having worked as a
cashier, I like to think that choosing the manned registers helps folks
keep their jobs. Though most of them still can't bag for shit (it was
better before they installed those stupid bag carousels)


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