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On Wed 12 Nov 2008 08:59:45p, Ed Pawlowski told us...

> "Dave Smith" > wrote in message
> ...
>>T wrote:
>>> Self checkouts, there's my hot button issue. If you don't know how to
>>> use it either ask for help or move to a line with a cashier. It's not
>>> rocket science.

>> It's my button issue too, but apparently in a different way. I refuse
>> to use them. I still like to deal with humans.

> Same here. If they give me a 10% discount for doing the labor, I may
> change my mind. What gets me is that they have an attendant for the four
> or six lanes and he stands around as there is no one using them.
> Meantime, the real cashiers are getting backed up with no express open.

I have a lot of button issues, not the least of which is anyone, either in
a self-check line or a regular checkout line, that doesn't know how to use
the damned card reader for their debit/credit cards, much less knowing
where to insert the cash if that's what they're using. Worse yet, in a
way, are the damned idiots that are writing a check or paying cash at a
regular checkout, but don't bother to even look for either until the clerk
tells them the total. Do they think it's going to be free? I don't write
checks anymore, but when I did I always had it filled out in advance except
for the total amount.

If I have 2-3 bags worth of items, I'd much prefer using the self-check
line because I can scan it, bag it the way I want it, and pay for it more
quickly and I don't have to engage in small talk in the regular checkout.
If I have a heaping cart full, I'll use the regular checkout, but I make
every effort to organize the productson the conveyer and to keep
conversation to a minimum. To do otherwise just slows down the process.

Ideally, I prefer having the least possible interaction with staff in most
places like supermarkets, banks, etc. It's a waste of time, unless I
actually need to get information from them.

Wayne Boatwright
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