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Default Grocery stores

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> On Wed, 12 Nov 2008 06:58:10 -0500, Stan Horwitz >
> wrote:
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> >I truly hate Walmarts.
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> >What little money I save after factoring in the cost of my time to shop
> >at Walmart is better spent elsewhere.

> I guess it's a matter of perception.
> I shop WalMart for dry-goods.
> My nearest WalMart grocer is some 70 miles away,
> and, it's worth the monthly trip to stock the pantry.
> Average savings PER ITEM is often over a quarter.
> It's not "how much less" WalMart charges,
> but rather "how much more" my local grocer charges.

Around here the best prices for produce and some meats are at Price
Rite. The place is always jammed but come on, most fruits and vegetables
are a buck or less per pound.