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Default Grocery stores

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> Because of my location and the proximity of the stupidmarkets I watch the
> prices and buy in bulk.
> The markets must think we are idiots with their savings deals but one is
> virtually forced into playing their games.
> I also carry a little Oscar with some blue ice and an insulated bag.
> so there are the tallies:
> Ralphs (Kroger) Paid 62.65 Savings $62.59 Like I would have paid the
> $125.00
> Albertsons Paid $72.82 Savings $72.18 + 3 $5.00 certificates (cash off
> your next bill)
> The regular prices are NUTS Wishbone Salad Dressing $3.89 Savings 2.23 net
> price $1.66.
> And so on and so on.
> Who are they kidding?

There are lots of people who are fooled by such tactics. It reminds me
of when I bought an airline ticket to attend a conference last year for
work. My employer's travel agent had the nerve to tell me that they
saved my employer a lot of money on the ticket, something like $150. If
I could have bought that airline ticket online, I guarantee, I would
have gotten a much lower rate. As it stands though, for me, its a moot
point now since my employer has banned all out-of-state travel. People
fall for such tactics; otherwise, retailers wouldn't use them.