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Default Help I lost a recipe . . . (actually I lost the book)

Lynn from Fargo wrote:

On Nov 6, 11:52 am, Sky wrote:
Lynn from Fargo wrote:

Anybody with a copy of Julia Child (RIP) "Mastering the Art of French
Cooking (Volume 2 ?)". I need the recipe for Navarin de Printemps
(Lamb Stew). Yes I googled it (on the net, not in this group) and what
appeared was an oddly familiar quote. (When I went to the quote . . .
it was ME!) Anyway, I lost the book years ago but I haven't made the
dish in so long I can't remember all the ingredients/method. Is some
kind soul willing to post this for me?

Lynn in Fargo

What I found is in Volume I, page 344: "Lamb Stew; Ragouts, Navarins,
et Haricots de Mouton". I hope I've quoted the one you need:

******** begin recipe *********

(recipe snipped)

Hope this helps and I didn't make too many typos


THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember the sugar to help carmelize
the lamb. It wasn't in any other recipe I read (at least eight).
Forever grateful,
Lynn in Fargo

Happy to help and glad to know it's the right recipe


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