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Default Need recommendation for food/dough mixer

On Oct 24, 6:52*pm, Marcella Peek wrote:
In article

*Jane wrote:
Problem is I can't use it as a food processor too. *I'm not sure I'm
going to be able to find what I want.

Wish I was an inventor........

Yeah, a mixer is great for mixing - and some have nice attachments for
pasta or whatever.

A food processor is great for that work and I happen to like my
cuisinart for small batches of bread dough. *But when you threw in the
cookie dough requirement I think you lost out. *The motor is so powerful
that I just can't imagine it doing that well.

For many years in itty bitty kitchens I was very happy with a food
processor plus a hand mixer for cookie dough, whipping cream or egg
whites and the like. *Really, a hand mixer doesn't take up much space at
all and you can shove it in a drawer or cupboard and save counter space.


I do have a hand mixer but it isn't nearly strong enough for cookie
dough that is firm enough so that you need to use your hands to form
the cookie. Do you think the Cuisinart would be good for that kind of