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Default Pierre Moncuit Brut, Blanc de Blanc HUgues De Coulmet

Someone told me this wine gets its fruit in the area adjacent to producer of
Krug. Any truth?

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Not sure I understand...what is Le Mesnil sur Oger

The bottle is Hugues de Coulmet.

Hi Richard,

Producer is Pierre Moncuit, name of the wine is Hugues de Coulmet, and Le
Mesnil-sur-Oger is the Grand Cru village in Cote de Blancs where the main
part of grapes of Pierre Moncuit come from, and where the winery is
located. The grower does not designate Hugues de Coulmet as Grand Cru,
though, indicating that they use some grapes from other villages out of Le
Mesnil-sur-Oger in which is their basic bottling.

I do not mean that it is a bad wine!!!!