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Default Wikipedia - do you use it?

On 2008-09-21 07:37:22 -0700, "Nils Gustaf Lindgren"

A shortish while ago, an at times heated (or, at least, tepid)
discussion raged concerning terroir. Amongst sources cited were the
wikipedia, in this case, the English version. However, those of us who
not only speak broken English, but also broken French, will recognise
that there are differences in how terroir is defined and described -
the English, notably, passing traditon as a part of terroir.
Looking into the passage on Pinot Gris, a lengthy and very
unsubstantiated explanation on how Pinot Gris got to Alsace from
Hungary is, in fact, misleading in several ways (Pinot Gris did not
appear in Alsace until c. 1750).
In the entry on Syrah, it is correctly pointed out that Syrah in no way
was brought to Rhone from the Orient by the crusading knight Gaspard de
Sterimberg - however, it is not mentioned that this is because the good
knight was, in fact, involved in the Albigensian crusade and never left
what is today France. (Nor did he in fact build the chapel on the top
of the Hermitage hill, said chapel being documented more than a
houndred years before he set up store there, or so it would appear).
So, how about you? Do you use the wikipedia? Do you trust in it? Do you
help in correcting and enlarge it?

Just out of curiosity, you see.



I use wiki often, but take many things with the proverbial grain of
salt. I don't help in correcting it, as if it is within my area of
expertise, I don't need to consult it, so I don't usually find anything
that I know to be false. (and I would prefer not to add my own
ignorance to someone else's)