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Default Losing a friend in the internet age.. (Long Message Hound)

"Chef Juke" wrote in message

The loss of our friend Hound had me thinking a lot this weekend,
especially about how we can connect with people that we have never

in person and still feel their loss. A few years back, a gal on an
email list I am on was killed in a hit & run accident. As the
majority of the people on that email list lived in the SF Bay area,
there were a number whom I had never met in person, including Jenni,
the gall who was killed.

Below is a message I wrote at the time, which I think has some

correlation to what I thought and felt when I heard that Hound had
passed on.

snipped too long to quote

I fully concur with Chef Juke. My family prefers to rejoice in the
remembrance of friendship rather then dwell on the pain of loss.
It's not that we belittle the loss in any way. We just feel like we
would be making light of a valued relationship by putting away
pictures and memories. Hound will be sorely missed and I for
one will remember him fondly.