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Default OT sorta - Buttered Chicken

MY Grandmother would:
Parboil the chicken, and then
Pan fry it in a cast iron skillet in 2 to 4 inches of butter!

"Brick" wrote in message
Had to do some doctoring yesterday and by the time I got home late in
the afternoon I was hungerier then a chained up dog. I wolfed down
a little turkey pot pie to dampen the hunger pangs while I did some
thing new with some chicken hind quarters. I got as much moisture off
as I could with paper towel and then slathered them good with melted
margerine (Parkay). I was out of real butter. Then I dredged them
good in seasoned flour (Just Kosher salt and pepper) and put them
into a 400 oven for 40 minutes. I wish I'd had time to smoke them
in the pit. That was just about the best chicken I've had since my
grandmother died. Perfectly done. Falling off the bone tender and
the skin while not crispy, was quite tasty anyway.

Brick (Gonna smoke the next batch at about the same temp)

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