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Default The incredible cluelessness ("what's good"?) of a stupid Goober

On Thu, 04 Sep 2008, Goo presented an easy challenge:

On Wed, 03 Sep 2008 14:09:35 -0100, [email protected] wrote:

On Tue, 02 Sep 2008, Goo lied:

Rupert wrote:

On Sep 2, 9:49 am, Goo lied:

dh quoted Rupert, then pointed out:

"I accept that some nonhuman animals who are raised for food
on farms have lives which are such that it is better that they live
that life than that they not live at all" - Rupert
Excellent point,
No, it's a shit point, as evidenced by the fact that rupie, the clown
prince of circular arguments, cannot give any meaning to "better". It
just doesn't mean anything as he has used it. He can't say what is
"good", so therefore he can't say why something is "better".

I did say what is good, I said it's good, other things equal, if a
sentient being lives a life that is on the whole worth living.

You can't say what's good about it.

Try saying what's good about anything Goo. Go:

You try it, ****wit.

It's good for young calves to enjoy nursing from their mothers.
It's good for them to experience the delicious flavor, the warm
soothing perfect temperature (especially on a cold day...BETTER
than hot chocolate), the feel of the liquid going down their throat
and entering their stomach, and to taste their mother in the
milk (and probably every time they burp) getting the warm fuzzy
feelings of love and safety that it inspires. Etc, Goo.

You can't even give a ****ing clue.

Try giving a ****ing clue that you have some idea how
anything could be good about anything Goober. Go:

You try it, ****wit.

It is good for young calves to experience the pleasures of
nursing. It's also good FOR YOUNG CALVES to experience
lives of positive value, and all the experiences which give it
possitive value, you poor clueless Goober.

You're even more clueless than His Wobbliness.

I know a lot more about things that are good for animals
than he does apparently Goob, but both of us know WAAAA
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY more than you do now or ever
will. Of course at this point you've demonstrated that you are
completely clueless about how anything could be good for any
animal, clearly showing yourself to be on the most ignorant level
a person can be on. You are, necessarily, the most clueless a
person can be Goober. I challenge you to try rising above the
lowest possible level where you currently are stuck, and try to
think of some way something could be good for an animal Goo.

You're completely incoherent.

Show that you're not incoherent by explaining how
anything could be good about something Goo. Go:

In fact, in absolute terms, there's nothing good about it at all.

Try explaining how you think anything could be good about
anything Goo. Go: