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Graeme Walker
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Default use of Rosemary herb

"Jack Schidt®" wrote in message .com...
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We have a Rosemary bush in the back yard. It is a couple years old and
doing quite well. I love the
aroma. Was wondering if anyone knows any good uses for it in Q'ing.

thought about putting a
few sprigs on the coals, but really don't think that would do much.

Also thought about cutting a few limbs and drying it and then crushing it
with a rolling pin. Then what?

Anyone have any good ideas? Thanks

A little rosemary goes a long way so think pinches and not tablespoons. It
especially shines when used with lamb or pork and even better if used
together with garlic (which a little goes some way, but a lot goes a lot
longer!). Another good combo is chicken-lemon-garlic-rosemary.


A particular favourite in the UK is to get a lamb shoulder (or 1/2 a
leg). Have your butcher bone & tie it and make about 20-30 small
incisions all over the meat. Push a small sprig of rosemary and a
small piece of garlic into each incision (You'll find that the garlic
pushes the rosemary into the meat) Marinate in olive oil for an hour
or so then roast in the oven for about 1 hour then finish off on the
Works well with mint sauce.
Also, your rosemary bush will benefit from a good pruning each autumn.
This encourages new growth in the spring and stops your bush becoming
to "woody". Dry the cuttings and keep for further use