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" BOB" wrote in message
Where is the FLBBQ association's Halloween competition? Clermont?
The website is down right now. Chuck Ray and his bride told me that I'd
better show up Friday night since I live so close. I need directions,


The website was moved to a faster server by our host. It's there but
your ISP needs to clear and refresh their cache. Anyhow, the Halloween
contest is in Minneola, FL. Just off Route 27, north of Route 50. I'll be
there as the Boca Boys cook team cooking my last contest. I'm needed to Rep
and Judge so I'm giving up competition cooking. Plus the judge's don't like
all the cayenne pepper I use. I'm cooking a leg of lamb on the spinner
Friday night for dinner and I'll have at least one bottle of single malt
scotch. Come and visit and eat and drink!