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Matthew L. Martin
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Default Need a burner for a Sunbeam Grillmaster 650

Hardball wrote:

I got what I thought was a good deal when I picked up a lightly used
Sunbeam Grillmaster 650 gas grill for $20. Now I need a replacement
burner for it and the universal types don't look like they will fit.
The gas tubes on the stock burner come out of the sides rather than
from underneath like most burners do. The burner sits almost directly
on the bottom of the grill so there isn't room to run the gas tubes
under the burner like the universal replacements are run. Has anyone
dealt with this problem before or know where to get a stock burner? I
looked on Sunbeam's website but they don't mention making gas grills.

Is this a single 'U' shaped tube with a control at each end of the 'U'.
If it is, that gas grill could be a re-badged Char-Broil Precision Flame
8000 grill. Take a look for a burner kit for one of those, it might fit.
I've seen them at Loew's and Home Depot for ~$30.



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