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Default Barbecue Center Lexington, NC

"Michael" wrote in message ...
Had lunch there last week. It's at 900 North Main St in Lexington, NC and
is a good ole log burner of a place. ph # is 336 248 4633 and it is
recommended if Lexington # 1 is too crowded. When I went by Lex # 1 the
line was about forty people...too much for me with the assortment of good
places in Lexington.

If they don't have a pit on the back side of the place with a pile of wood
beside it they won't last long in Lexington.


My boss, a Lexington native, swears by the Barbecue Center esp. for
his holiday meals. He says a lot of the food is missing from the drive
home most times.

Q' fer all so long as it's not parbolied ribs