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Default Tap Water VS Bottled Water

On Aug 12, 7:39 pm, Derek wrote:

I argue that vaporization of water is insufficient for the creation of "air."

Now it's insufficient?! So now you agree that I'm partly right. Pretty
soon you'll be in full agreement with my first view lol.

Evaporation produces H20 in the air. It's still water. It doesn't
produce nitrogen or free-standing oxygen, which make up the majority
of our air.

So what does it produce? Dirt? What does steam produce? Dirt?
Funny how you never answer this.

Water vapor from evaporation later condenses in the high atmosphere
and comes back down as precipitation.

"Later" what about "sooner" and "in between time"? Air. You breathe
some amount of evaporated water every day and with every breath. Why
do you continue to duck this fact?

I don't "duck" this fact.
I argue that vaporization of water is insufficient for the creation of "air."

You've just ducked it again. You won't admit that a portion of what we
breathe is evaporated air! Admit I'm right and be done with it.

It never stops being water.

Beeep. Wrong answer. Water can shed oxygen (do you understand H2O?).

Yes, if you subject it to electrolysis, which I've already mentioned.
Boiling water produces H2O vapor, not H2 and O.

Wrong again. Didn't you do this experiment in highschool? Maybe you
haven't got that far yet. It's about grade 7. Heat a pint of water in
a kettle with a huge balloon tied to the spout. The balloon will
quickly fill so big it bursts. Stop before it bursts. Let it condense.
The water will pool. Drain the water. What's left? You tell me.

Don't play footsie here, answer the question.

Depending on what "scientific" source you believe. And not all air is
the same. The air is full of stuff. Furthermore oxygen levels were
much higher thousands of years ago depending on what sources you

All of which is irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

Higher levels of oxygen millennia ago do not mean that boiled water
suddenly becomes unassociated hydrogen and oxygen.

Who said it did?

I said that water vapor mixes with air.

Where? That was my argument almost word for word !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude what you been smoking? Honestly.

I can't waste more time with you. You win! I give up. I cry uncle. At
least you've been ontopic and I thank you for that.

I'll wait for someone else to take the batton from you.