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Default Tap Water VS Bottled Water

While intrepidly exploring the bowels of USENET on Tuesday, August 12,
2008, rolled initiative and posted the following:

On Aug 12, 5:19*pm, Derek wrote:

No such thread exists for discussing tap water .. I've already covered

According to Google's archive, it does. Was someone else posting from
your account?

Can you tell me the exact name and I'll research it. TIA.

I give you "UV for killing bacteria in water" from

That's my own post! ...and it's under Home Repair, a far cry from "TAP

Of course it's your own post. You're being given credit for starting
the thread. Go back and read what Dominic wrote.

And while it is true that your original question was about bottled
water, the discussion quickly moved to tap water. And you, yourself,
later commented in the thread about the harmful stuff present in your
tap water.


And, in response to Dominic's reference (including group name) you
said "No such thread exists for discussing tap water".

Care to rephrase?


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