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Default Tap Water VS Bottled Water

On Aug 11, 12:08*pm, Derek wrote:
While intrepidly exploring the bowels of USENET on Sunday, August 10,
2008, rolled initiative and posted the following:

On Aug 10, 1:41*pm, wrote:

Oh yeah, make sure the air you breathe is clean. Very important. Live
upwind from cities. We must go gas-free. I hope gas climbs to $1000/
gallon to speed things along.

I feel compelled to delurk and counter this hope. At that cost for
fuel, water quality for tea won't matter as I won't be able to afford
the leaf. Not a lot of tea is grown in the US.

You've sidestepped my point. I'm actually with you. My hope is for gas
free ($0/gallon) vehicles to be mass marketted. Driving the cost of
gas up is the means for this goal. And it is already working. More
people drive hybrids today. Car companies are finally getting around
to being motivated to explore the idea of cranking out gas free cars.

And I seriously doubt that the claim can be substantiated that
schooners and tall ships will be able to replace existing fuel oil
cargo ships to the point that prices don't skyrocket.

Cars. Not ships. One step at a time. Cars pollute our surroundings
about a zillion times more than ships.

BTW this is how the earth got its air: water flowed onto lava. At
least that's my current personal view.

That gives you some H2 and some O. Now, where'd the N2, that makes up
78% of our atmosphere, come from?

Soil. Lava. God. Obviously one or more of these sources. Where else?
Where did anything come from?