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Default Tap Water VS Bottled Water

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Oh yeah, make sure the air you breathe is clean. Very important. Live
upwind from cities. We must go gas-free. I hope gas climbs to $1000/
gallon to speed things along.

And filter your home air! For fast results, I place a big strong
Patton fan at the corner of the biggest room aimed at the hallway. I
weave a damp large beach towel through 3 mesh baskets and place it at
the back of the fan and crank that puppy on high for about fifteen
minutes twice a day. The moisture in the towel traps the most minute
particles that expensive filters miss. Make sure the towel is thin and
the meshing is very aerated so that the fan can easily pull as much
air through it as possible. I also have one fan filter where I spend
most of my time.
The air you breath is as vital as your drinking water. One reason is
we drink about 6-10 glasses of water each day. Compare that to 23,500
breaths we inhale each day!

You can also create pure air by boiling water. Something air-filter
companies won't tell you. You'd be surprised how much air can be made
from so little water. You can see the process using a kettle.

The problem is air moisture (humidity) will be high .. which ages
electronics (for every advantage, there's a disadvantage). A good
dehumidifier will help if you use it simultaneously.

BTW this is how the earth got its air: water flowed onto lava. At
least that's my current personal view.