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Default Business Group dinner recommendation in New Orleans FrenchQuarter (in October)?

On Aug 4, 12:47 pm, Mark wrote:
I am looking for as current set of recommendations for a group of 45
out of towners to have a 'perfect New Orleans dining experience'.
Cajun/Creole and the 'feel' of the french quarter. Doesn't have to be
fine china or too fancy at all. These guys are casual folks at the end
of a very long day.

Any recommendations would be great. Smaller buy-the-whole restaurant
would be fine too.

Muriel's restaurant, right on Jackson Square. They have meeting rooms
upstairs that might be able to hold 45. CHeck their website and send
them a message. Perfect location

Napoleon House. Perfect atmosphere. Small bar and restaurant on main
floor, but also has meeting rooms upstairs (plannedto be Napoleon's
residence after/if he got rescued from exile. Never happened.

The famous Antoine's restaurant has a number of separate dining
areas. Pricey.

Deanie's - informal, brass & wood, not real atmosphere. But good
seafood and large enough place they could perhaps set up fpr a group
in one section of their place.