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Default Freezer bags or containers or vacuum pack?

"Kswck" wrote in message

Some schools of thought say to freeze berries beforehand and then vacuum
seal them. Others-particularly if you can control the amount of air being
taken out-is to vacuum seal them till the air is almost out of the bag. I
have a Tillia-you can vacuum seal wet ingredients and control the amount
of air being taken out.

They've really improved since I bought mine. I've had mine since 2001 and
you can't control the amount of air. I do have the cannisters and the hose
that still work well.

One thing that I have found however. The pre-made bags are more durable
than then ones you make from a roll. I have had several instances where
the bags made from a roll 'pop' and they have to be resealed. This has
happened with two of the Tillia products.

I've found the same thing with the rolls so I don't use them anymore.
Target has the large bags and I pick them up when I'm there.

Another thing that will cause the bags to puncture is if you freeze food in
it first before sealing, and I froze the food too long and there were sharp,
hard edges that poked through the bag while sealing. I have to freeze first
because mine can't seal anything with a liquid.