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Default You can buy tea in Pittsburgh at Margarets Fine Imports

On Jun 27, 3:46 pm, wrote:
> Margaret's Fine Imports, a House of Gourmet Teas, Coffees, Tea &
> Coffee Accessories, Imported Chocolates/Candy, European Cosmetics,
> Scented Soy Wax Candles and more.... We sell over 30 Gourmet Coffees
> in bulk, including Fair Trade and Organic coffees. We feature over
> 150
> loose teas and many bagged teas from United Kingdom, Poland & USA.
> Our
> large selection of Imported Chocolates is the talk of town: Hachez,
> Ritter Sport, Lindt, Chocolove, Milka, Cote D'Or, Santander, Wedel,
> and more... If you need a good skin moisturizer or anti-wrinkle
> cream,
> we have it too!! And our locally made Scented Soy Candles/Lotions are
> unbelievable!!! We make gift baskets and offer tea classes and tea
> tastings.

Welp, seeing as I'm the only one from Pittsburgh here... you could
have just spammed me via email instead of double posting here. Sorry
but I've never heard of your shop, have no need for moisturizer or
lotions, or such highly esteemed teas that would originate from
"Poland and the U.S."

I think you have grossly misunderstood this newsgroup, and if I need
any coffee, imported candy/chocolate or barely passable teas locally I
choose Nicholas Coffee Roaster or Prestogeorge.

no thanks,
- Dominic