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Default Alt Group Intend to Take Over This Group'Cook' from the bread group suggested a take over of
this group....So I propose to just re-post that message here for you to see
and think about... The nerve!!


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On 22 Jun 2008 14:29:39 GMT, Barry Harmon

Dick Margulis wrote in news:vp6dnSqt-

Barry Harmon wrote:
Barry Harmon wrote in
. 15.254:

There is a lot of talk going around about various ISPs dropping the
alt series of newsgroups.

Should we give some thought to moving the newsgroup to one of the

8 sections before we have to? This would give people who drop in
every so often a chance to figure out what's going on.


The Big 8 are


Are you volunteering? If not, perhaps the simplest solution would be

mirror this group to a Google group. I think you can set one up to be
public access (no sign-up required), although I haven't actually

into that.

Considering what's going on, maybe Google Groups is the bestway to go.
I was tryhing to figure a way to stay within usenet, but it appears what
usenet is on the way out.

I'll take a look at GG and see what's involved.


Google is a pain to use and since much of the spam that shows up comes
through Google many people have Google blocked.

Since there are enough providers who will carry alt groups for free or
cheap, lets stay here for a while longer. Maybe try to get a group going or steal

The big ISP's may not carry Usenet anymore I doubt that Usenet will
disappear anytime soon.