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Default josephs low carb pita and tortillia

yesterday they arrived from netrition and i ate two pitas with chicken
breast..chedder cheese and a bit of 89..1 hour
hours 82..

tasty bread!

Today i split them in half ..they are very very thin and made mini pizzas
with chicken and bacon crumbles and homeade sauce...almost exact same
numbers as the other meal...ate..dropped..then stayed low after.

I also had very good results eating the "oh yeah protien wafer's" by iss
from netrition..very low carb and pretty tasty snack and zero spike.

Last thing i tried was the zero cal frech vanillia syrup..was bah to me..i
coulda made same thing cheaper with splenda disolved in water with a few
drops vanillia extract..i will use it up but doubt ill buy it again.