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Default Char Griller Duo Mods

Joseph wrote:
Let me say as a long time lurker, I have really been able to put the
ideas from this group to good use over the years. Thanks to the active
posters on the group my BBQ and Grilling has improved immensely. We
lurkers are usually to busy or too shy to jump in the fray very often.
As you may have noticed the newbie's rarely keep posting to the group
after a time or two. I think I am one of a butt load of lurkers out
there and just wanted to say thanks.

I have a question about mods to my Char-Griller Duo. I have often
heard references to mods as "I get good results after a few mods to my
rig." So what I would like to know is, are there any Mods that I should
do to my rig to improve its performance?

This is the new rig...

Thanks, Joseph

I don't have any suggestions for mods on your new Char-Griller. Very
nice unit. Just try it out and see where you think it is deficient.

I was a lurker to. Long time ago. I think I found out about AFB
shortly after it was founded. I think I have heard that it was founded
around 96.

Your first smoker was also my first smoker. I still have it. It is
resting peacefully in the corner of my patio. I upgraded to a WSM and
am very happy with it.

There is a binary group, ( that is a spin off of this
group. Many of the veterans here are also subscribers to that group.
Take some pics, post them on ABF and join in on the fun and learning.
Be warned though, some of the pics posted are not intended for those on
a diet!!! I have heard stories of monitors needing replacement cause
someone stuck a fork through it the food looked so good ;-)