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Default Carnival of Love

Carnival of Love

Group: Date: Tue, Apr 1, 2008, 7:38pm (EDT-1) From:
(Joseph*Coulter) Wrote:

>>Big, bold and kicking. lots of fruit, lots of oak, Actually I have

never had this but still have over half a bottle of another Mollydooker
that was just too much for me. If you like Big Big wines this is a good
one, if you like restraint and a little finesse, . . <<.
Joseph Coulter

Oh geez,fruity wines are not my thing
Im more the restraint and finesse type..dry.dry wines,occassionally
Burgundy.It was a gift so I didnt want any hurt feelngs,so I,ll put it
away rather than waste it.Perhaps I can regift it somewhere down the
road....I heard some whre selling on ebay and some years sell for more
and were collectable,whatever that may mean...oh heck Ill just
regift...Thanks for the heads up,LEE

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