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Default TN: Mosel Kab and St Julien

On Mar 17, 1:54┬*pm, "Bi!!" wrote:
On Mar 17, 9:07´┐Żam, DaleW wrote:

Betsy visited a friend's new home on the way home from matinee, by
time she arrived at our house I had the appetizer ready, some shrimp
cocktail. With was the ´┐Ż2002 Carl Loewen "Leiwener Klostergarten"
Riesling Kabinett I had opened previous night. Light and ready Mosel,
flavors of lime and quince jam, with a little gingery edge. On the
sweeter side of Kabinett, but not at all heavy. Not a producer who
seems to get much buzz, but I've been pleased with the ones I've
tried. B+

I then grilled some thick porterhouses (one would have been plenty,
but I like my meat "bleu" while Bets is medium-rare, and as she said
"there's nothing wrong with steak sandwiches for lunch"), with baked
potatoes, asparagus, and green salad. Served a 375 of the 2003 Ch.
Gruaud-Larose (St. Julien). Started off a bit dumb, opened up, but
never excited me. More tannins than fruit, fairly big dose of vanillin
oak. Sweet cassis fruit eventually emerges, but this strikes me as
rather one-dimensional. Nothing flawed, though finish seems a tad
short for a 2nd from a big vintage. Maybe this is just closed, but I'm
not sensing a lot underneath, and will pass on buying more. B-

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent
wine, B a good wine, C mediocre. Anything below C means I wouldn't
drink at a party where it was only choice. Furthermore, I offer no
promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.

Yikes! ┬*I bought a case of the 2003 Gruaud Larose on release. ┬*I guess
I should buy a bottle and taste it and try to sell the whole case if I
don't see any future. ┬*Thanks for the notes!

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I posted my notes on CT, almost all the notes are more positive than
mine. So possibilities include I had an off bottle, a closed bottle, I
couldn't taste my way out of a barn, the barometer was low or high, or
myriad other possibilities.

Some friends and I got our accumulated wine from winter at Premier Cru
via refrigerated pallet delivery (they were the ones with 20+ cases
each, I only had a couple). I actually got shorted my other 375 of the
Gruaud, even though I got a very good deal ($18ish for the halves) I
think I'd as soon get a credit if they don't find it.